Who pays for a lawyer in a family law case?

When a couple is headed for divorce, it’s likely that both parties will pay. Depending on the case, one may be reimbursed by the other after the case has settled, but it’s wise to be prepared to cover your costs. 

Even if one party files for attorney fees, it’s unlikely that a decision on who will pay will be made until after the case settles. Fees, however, are usually paid up front, so both parties will have money out of pocket at some point, even if they are reimbursed later. 

The law firm of Orsini and Rose in South Florida has posted a blog that covers this subject more in depth. It includes an overview of something called ‘Request for Admissions,’ which allows you, in some circumstances, to request that certain information be submitted within 30 days. This can be a valuable approach in those cases where the other side is constantly delaying.