Do’s and Don’ts for Florida Accident Victims

Many of our personal injury clients are introduced to us after the unthinkable has happened. They’ve been in an accident and are injured. Things they always took for granted – driving to work each day, sitting comfortably at a computer, playing with their children when they get home – are suddenly in question. As we dive into their cases to see how we can help, we often come across an innocent action on their part or another party’s that could have a major affect on their case.


  • They accept a check from an insurance company for property damage.
  • They fail to mention a previous accident or injury to our attorneys.
  • They don’t seek medical treatment immediately after the accident, and instead try to “work through the pain.”

It’s important to realize that every action you take at an accident scene and afterward can be important to your case. Before acting, stop to ask yourself how your actions might be construed by insurers, medical professionals and the legal system. And if you have questions, contact an attorney immediately.

See a list of Do’s and Don’ts for accident victims in the state of Florida.